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Saturday, January 4, 2014

TV taping at Dr. Oz show

We are Dr. Oz fans, whenever we can we watch him and we can't out his website for information. 
It is very informative and we love the fact that it is versatile in topics. Going to a TV taping was a first for us, and we really enjoyed it. At first we were hesitant when we got in since we had to be very excited and happy, but soon you get filled up with everyone's energy and we had a great time :)

When you get tickets you are asked to dress nice, no jeans, sweats and all that, so we noticed that people that we're not dress properly were sent to a different area and were only tape at the beginning. 
We were very impressed with Dr. Oz and all the staff working behind the scenes, they made a nice experience for all of us. 

Obviously, we had to go eat, since we were at the city, I was craving Dinosaur BBQ, they have the best wings ever! 

We ordered the Sweetheart platter, before we used to eat all of it by ourselves, and now we got full with half of this plate, and the rest we took home.

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