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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cycling in the snow

Today, we went out for a ride. The temperature was at 20 degrees and with wind it felt like 16 degrees. After the blizzard we shoveled snow and then went for it. I was very afraid because the roads were still dirty and I'm still learning how to manage the bike. However I didn't quit and was actually very excited to go out. 
The day was sunny and the cold breeze felt so good on my face.
Once we got to the park we had to lift our bikes up to get inside. 
I took the time to snap some pictures
I love his glasses :) 
These mountain bikes worked so great, and we had an amazing time riding on the street and in the park :) 

New Year!

Ringing in the new year for the 7th time together :)
We went to church to celebrate the coming of 2014, we had such a great time. The food was delicious, we ate "pernil" (shredded pork) with salad and vegetables. For dessert we had a big cake, which is one of my favorites! The music was by a member that is a DJ and he did an amazing job, we danced the night and my feet got swollen for dancing in high heels oh well ;) 
It is a fruit cake from Buttercooky Bakery in Floral Park :) 
The night before I made strawberry cheesecake, and the 31st I just decorated with slices of strawberry on top. Here I am trying to fix all the slices.
This dress was my Black Friday find, it is from Ann Klein and I got it for $6.00!!! Yay me :) 


We were invited to a wedding in the month of December. We knew the bride, her name is Sabrina, we know her from church and got to know her more during our college years. She is a very sweet,and smart girl and we were excited for her big day!  She looked beautiful and everything was really nice. We loved the food; we ate Korean and Chinese food. The music was great and people were very nice and the kids in the wedding behaved so good to our surprise. Overall we had a nice time.
We took a really quick picture with the bride and groom and I had to ruin it by closing my eyes, this really happens to me most of the time with pictures lol

We danced a lot and they played a lot of Spanish music :)
This is them, Sabrina had a second wedding dress for party time!
This is them cutting the cake, we were far and could not take a better picture unfortunately :( 
They were very sweet and danced a lot too :) 

Biking time

This day was 30 degrees and we got to test our bikes for the first time. I saw online someone riding in this weather as well with this pose with a title "ride or die"  The guy had the bike higher, but I thought it would be funny to try it as well. Not bad for a rookie ;) 

Another day we had an amazing gift from mother nature and it got to be in the 50's so we had to out and ride our bikes again. 
It was a beautiful day.
We were riding on the parking space area for pictures and then we rid off everywhere :)

Cesia's Birthday

My birthday, I can never forget it since it is the day after Christmas, I am grateful for another year with Oscar. I usually get one gift for Christmas and birthday but since we have been together Oscar has always made sure that I get a fit for Christmas and a gift for my birthday and his family so I feel pretty special :)

I loved my 7 layer chocolate cake!
Acting like a lady before I devour this. 
Can't you tell I was very happy to finally get to it. We got my cake from Martha's Bakery :) it has been our sweet spot for many years. 

TV taping at Dr. Oz show

We are Dr. Oz fans, whenever we can we watch him and we can't out his website for information. 
It is very informative and we love the fact that it is versatile in topics. Going to a TV taping was a first for us, and we really enjoyed it. At first we were hesitant when we got in since we had to be very excited and happy, but soon you get filled up with everyone's energy and we had a great time :)

When you get tickets you are asked to dress nice, no jeans, sweats and all that, so we noticed that people that we're not dress properly were sent to a different area and were only tape at the beginning. 
We were very impressed with Dr. Oz and all the staff working behind the scenes, they made a nice experience for all of us. 

Obviously, we had to go eat, since we were at the city, I was craving Dinosaur BBQ, they have the best wings ever! 

We ordered the Sweetheart platter, before we used to eat all of it by ourselves, and now we got full with half of this plate, and the rest we took home.