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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going out

It is really hard to go out and find places where we can eat healthy and that is delicious, and even harder when you need to find a quick place to eat =/

So below are a few suggestions that we love to eat.
This is a turkey sandwich with bacon, avocado and tomato. I asked to bring the sandwich without a bun and they brought it wrapped in a lettuce. What really makes it good and worthy of ordering at a restaurant is the protein; bacon and turkey. It is a must that they are good, if they are then the dish is very good and I actually got full and barely finished it. Go ahead and try it at a restaurant or it at home, it is very easy to make.
 Oscar ordered a burger without a bun, and we loved it! (when we go out to eat we share food)
Again, the meat makes the dish, we ordered it with a house salad, and you can see his face, he is very happy with the option. The burger ordered is from kobe beef.
I also love ordering seafood. This dish has mahi mahi and srimp accompanied with asparagus with a tomato sauce. This dish is from Cheesecake factory and it is in their Skinnylicious menu "Mahi Mahi and Shrimp Veracruz"
we both have tried it; it is cooked perfectly, their sauce is really soft and has a unique taste and their vegetable is also nice and tender.

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