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Saturday, January 4, 2014


We were invited to a wedding in the month of December. We knew the bride, her name is Sabrina, we know her from church and got to know her more during our college years. She is a very sweet,and smart girl and we were excited for her big day!  She looked beautiful and everything was really nice. We loved the food; we ate Korean and Chinese food. The music was great and people were very nice and the kids in the wedding behaved so good to our surprise. Overall we had a nice time.
We took a really quick picture with the bride and groom and I had to ruin it by closing my eyes, this really happens to me most of the time with pictures lol

We danced a lot and they played a lot of Spanish music :)
This is them, Sabrina had a second wedding dress for party time!
This is them cutting the cake, we were far and could not take a better picture unfortunately :( 
They were very sweet and danced a lot too :) 

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