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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch at Fu Run restaurant at Downtown Flushing

I was in the mood for some lamb, so Oscar was searching around and 
we found a place kinda nearby and has great reviews on their lamb.

So my mouth watered and off we went :) when we arrived we saw it had a 
B rating of  the plate I wanted which is the Muslim Lamb, and I was kinda 
discourage of being there. However I tried to keep a positive attitude and 
ordered it regardless, Oscar changed his mind and ordered something else.

This is what we ordered 

Muslim lamb, it was so good, I was really happy I took the courage to try something 
completely different even though It didn't look appealing to me at first. I would try it again :)
Oscar's plate was pork with mushroom, it was very good as well. The waitress asked 
if we wanted to try their nativeChinese mushroom or just regular one, so Oscar decided 
from their native one, and it was very good. It looks different and it tastes very woody, 
the combination was great and along some rice (which we don't eat) would have been 
even better.
Kind of confuse of my decision before trying it, as you can tell, but it was very good.
It is  very fatty, so it has a buttery taste which I love, and LOTS of condiments, 
I couldn't eat all of the seasoning on top, because my stomach is 
sensitive but the meat had great flavor even without it.
Oscar is wishing for some rice lol He loves Chinese food :)

We accompanied our dishes with string beans, and they were very tasty as well,
it had been roasted with garlic but I believe it had a little bit of soy sauce and it was yummy :)

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