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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Awesome fishing day!

We started fishing over the summer, and now it is our time to fish during the fall season. 
Now we are fishing for striped bass, this fish is a lot harder to catch than the fluke.
the day was nice, windy, and the view was beautiful :) 
I have to be honest, I was very afraid to get a bite and for it to be big, because I did not
think I was able to reel it in and maybe brake the rod or fall over :/
Before catching my first striped bass my line broke twice! 
Oscar and I caught one each, and they were big! I could not held them both lol 
The boat was filled with stripped bass and blue fishes, everyone got a fishes and lots of them!
It was a massacre 
I felt so proud of myself lol
Oscar got sea sick and on the way back he was feeling better. At least enough for one picture :)
We met great people, we always love the crew they worked so hard, and the captain is so 
committed. We had a great day!

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